Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Si Int Ensemble Development
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Si Int Ensemble Development

Sheet Music

Voicing/Format Conductor
Composer Boonshaft/Bernotas
Publisher Alfred Publishing Co Inc
Series Sound Innovations
Catalog # 34570

Price: $59.99

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Product Description

Si Int Ensemble Development Composed by Boonshaft/Bernotas. For Conductor. Published by Alfred Publishing Co Inc. (Catalog # 34570, UPC: 038081383385)

From composer and co-author Chris Bernotas:
Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for Intermediate Concert Band has been an invaluable resource in my band room. The exercises are fresh, innovative and effective.  I have heard an amazing transformation from my students as they have grown immensely in their understanding of how to perform as an ensemble. In the past I would have to write these exercises on the board, make a "ditto", or try to describe them verbally for students.  Now, all I have to do is give them the exercise numbers and get to work! And the best part is that I hear them applying these ensemble concepts to our concert literature!

Most importantly, my students really love using these books and so do I!”

About the Book:
Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for Intermediate Concert Band is a valuable and comprehensive resource for developing your students’ understanding and abilities as ensemble musicians.  It covers numerous aspects of individual and ensemble playing – tone quality & breath support, scales & technique, balance & intonation, rhythm reading & meter studies, and ensemble musicianship, and includes more than 70 chorales by some of today's most renowned concert band composers including Roland Barrett, Andrew Boysen, Ralph Ford, Rossano Galante, Robert Sheldon, Todd Stalter, Randall Standridge, and Michael Story.  An assortment of exercises is grouped by key and presented in a variety of intermediate difficulty levels.  Where possible, several exercises in the same category are provided to allow variety, while still accomplishing the goals of that specific type of exercise.  Many of the exercises and chorales are clearly marked with dynamics, articulations, style, and tempo for students to practice those aspects of performance, while others are intentionally left flexible for the teacher to determine how best to use them in facilitating and addressing the needs and goals of their ensemble.  Whether your students are progressing through exercises to better their technical facility, or challenging their musicianship with beautiful chorales, this book can be used after any band method or as a supplement to performance music.

Exercises and Concepts:
All Exercises are Presented in Each Key Center
- Keys of Bb Major, G minor, Eb Major, C minor, F Major, D minor, Ab Major, F minor, Db Major, Bb minor, C Major, A minor, G Major, & E minor

Tone Quality & Breath Support
- Passing the Tonic
- Breathing and Long Tones

Scales & Technique
- Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor scale forms presented in each key
- Scale Pattern & Changing Scale Rhythm
- Chromatic Scale starting on each tonic
- Exercises in Flexibility, Arpeggios, and Intervals

Balance & Intonation
- Perfect Intervals
- Diatonic Harmony
- Family Balance
- Layered Tuning
- Moving Chord Tones
- Shifting Chord Qualities
- Expanding Intervals

- Basic rhythmic exercises
- Rhythmic Subdivision
- Meter
- Advancing Rhythm & Meter (8th note & ¼ note triplets, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, 5/8, & 7/8, and shifting/mixed meters)

Ensemble Musicianship
- Phrasing
- Articulation
- Dynamics
- Etudes
- Scale Chorale
- Chorale

Integrated Percussion
- includes parts for battery percussion, mallets, timpani, and accessories

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