Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my music?
We attempt to process orders the same day that we receive them. Depending on your location and choice of service, UPS will deliver your music in one to five days in the continental United States. In the event some of your order must be backordered from the publisher, the delivery time may take longer. You have the option of selecting "multiple shipments" should some of your order be in stock and you wish to receive it right away. If at all in doubt, we'll hold for one shipment to save you, the customer, excessive shipping charges.
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Why do you list permanently-out-of-print items on your Website?
Stanton's Sheet Music strives to provide the best service in the business. To that end, we list POP (permanently-out-of-print) items for information purposes only. We feel it would be frustrating and misleading to customers if they were to search for a particular piece of music and find no reference to it on our site at all. After finding it POP, we want them to stay at to find an alternative choice.
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Do you sell musical instruments?
For over 40 years Stanton's Sheet Music has been your "Sheet Music Specialist." We only sell sheet music!
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Why is the price for music different on my invoice than it is on the Website?
It's important to note that sometimes prices change without notice when coming from the publisher. Various factors impacting this are rising production costs and change of copyright ownership, to mention a few.
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Do you stock everything that is on your website?
The website reflects everything that has ever come through the store since the late 1980s. With over a half million items in our system it is not possible to stock everything. In addition, the website does not indicate the "in stock" status of items as sometimes the inventory may not be accurate. Stanton's strives to notify customers as soon as possible if an item is not in stock.
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Can I do anything about the high cost of shipping?
Please be advised that the shipping cost indicated is only an estimate. The sales staff at Stanton's Sheet Music is keenly sensitive to the high cost of shipping and will seek to send your music to you in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Although our preferred method of shipping is UPS, we'll send music via the United States Postal Service when appropriate.
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